acacia-divergens (24K)

Acacia divergens

accacia-pulchella (14K)

Acacia pulchella

agrostocrinum-hirsutum (13K)

Agrostocrinum hirsutum

bossiaea-ornata (18K)

Bossiaea ornata

daviesia-cordata (10K)

Daviesia cordata

grevillea-quercifolia (14K)

Grevillea quercifolia

hardenbergia-comptoniana (17K)

Hardenbergia comptoniana

hovea-chorizemifolia (18K)

Hovea chorizemifolia

kennedia-coccinea (15K)

Kennedia coccinea

mirbelia-dilatata (15K)

Mirbelia dilatata

patersonia-occidentalis (19K)

Patersonia occidentalis

pimelea-ferrginea (14K)

Pimelea ferruginea

pimelia-rosea (21K)

Pimelia rosea

thysanotus-multiflorus (15K)

Thysanotus multiflorus

Native Flora

The Photos on this page show a selection of flowering plants found in our Forests of the South West. For a greater selection of plants and photographs, please visit Geographe Landcare Nursery.

These Flowers are native to the South West, but more specifically to the small local region incorporating Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup and Margaret River.

In our forests a selection of the following upper storey plants are found:

It is important, when revegetating, that the understorey plants which provide our beautiful flowers in Spring are also included - these provide food for Fauna and Birds.