Possum Boxes

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Parrot Boxes

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Nest Boxes

Land clearing & removal of trees for development has led to a decline in suitable nesting hollows for parrots & hollows for possums.

Placing a nesting box in a young tree will provide an instant home for a parrot, possum or bats.

A tree hollow can take decades to develop. A nest box provides an instant home for these creatures & they will soon take up residence.

Bats are very beneficial to your garden as they eat mosquitoes. Instead of using chemical sprays just let the bats do what comes natural to them & they will keep the mosquitoes at bay.

All nesting boxes have their own particular design for the animal using them. We can provide you with whatever box you require.

Be it ringtail possums, brush tail possums, western rosellas, red capped parrots, ringneck parrots or bats.

For more information about Possums and other native mammals, please visit Chidlow Marsupial Hospital

or the Possum Centre Busselton Inc.